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Ghost Bowl

"Reatrey" is a female student who was riding a motorcycle when she witnessed a woman involved in a car accident on the road. Instead of offering assistance, she simply turned around. The following day, as she rode her motorcycle through the same accident site, she was not careful and inadvertently stepped on the KANTOUN there. Subsequently, a ghost began to haunt her during the night, expressing anger over the haunting that ultimately led to "Reatrey's" death.

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Abhi Film

"We produced the feature film for
Cambodian and to the world."

Official Trailer

Official Trailer - កន្ទោងទាញព្រលឹង - Ghost Bowl | Abhi Film
Official Trailer - បន្ទប់ខ្មោចជួល Rent For Ghost | Abhi Film
Official Trailer -  អូនខ្មោចជាទីស្រលាញ់ Lovely Ghost | Abhi FIlm
Official Trailer - ភាពយន្តខ្នាតធំរឿង « ទីងមោង តាមោង The Scarecrow » | Abhi Film [EN Sub]
Official Trailer - ភាពយន្តខ្នាតធំរឿង « ផ្ទះជើងកប - Dark House » | Abhi Film [EN Sub]

No Boundary

No Boundary and Beyond The Imagination

Abhi Film
The Cambodia Production

Abhi is no boundary. Abhi Film goes beyond the imagination of the films. Abhi Film aims to provide the new taste of the films with high quality experiences for Cambodian films industry.

Beyond The Imagination

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